• EZCASE is designed with an oval square for user to hold the iPad easier. The rotatable device gets snapped quickly into the square. Using the kits of EZonWALL, EZtoKICK or EZonDESK can enjoy iPad for portrait or landscape and tilt it for a comfortable viewing angle wherever. EZCASE is made of polycarbonate, a light and shock-resistant material and can be used with iPad smartcover that forms a comprehensive protection to your prized iPad.
  • EZonWALL – a safety-and-stylish holder with a rotatable device for fastening on EZCASE quickly. EZonWALL supports iPad with a wall-mounted function for portrait or landscape mode. It can also be tilted up and down for a comfortable viewing angle.

EAN: 4260345730192




SetEZCASE for iPad 2/3/4 + Wall-Mount Kits
ColourPearl White (Standard), Rubber Coating Black
  • EZCASE - 105g

  • Wall-Mount Kits - 75g

  • Gross Box Weight - 390g
  • 5pcs/inner carton 26.5x33x22cm

  • Net W. : 1.95Kg Gross W. : 2.28Kg

  • 20pcs/Carton (4 inner cartons)

  • Net W. : 7.8Kg Gross W. : 10.42kg

  • 56x34.5x46cm (3.14cuft)